We wouldn't be able to do what we do . . . provide free furniture to people in need . . . if we couldn't pay our bills every month.

Some other charities will pick up your furniture for free, but they then sell the furniture. That's not what we do. Your donations to For Goodness Sake are given away for free to families struggling with homelessness, poverty, and other severe life challenges. So to pay our bills, we need to charge for services such as furniture pickups.

When you arrange a pickup with us, your pickup fee enables For Goodness Sake to:

  • Provide FREE furniture to people in need.

  • Pay the rent on our warehouse, where we store all the donated furniture and where 6 to 10 clients come in every week to pick out what they need.

  • Pay for gas, insurance, and repairs for our truck, which we use to pick up furniture from donors AND deliver furniture to clients that are unable to pick it up themselves--on the same day they choose it, so they don't have to go one more night sleeping on the floor.

  • Pay a decent hourly wage to our drivers and road crew, who are doing the hard work of moving furniture that we could never get enough volunteers to do!

There is no charge for dropping off donations at our warehouse at 123 Whiting Street, Unit A, Plainville

Drop off times are:

Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm

Sundays noon - 3 pm